Quit Smoking – from inside out

This is a new way to quit smoking. It can be combined with any other. The AURELIS way to quit smoking by itself diminishes the addiction to nicotine and to the smoking behavior. Quitting smoking is the direct consequence of this.

To quit smoking without diminishing the addiction means that the latter stays alive inside you. Many people experience this by keeping withdrawal symptoms for many years after quitting. The craving may last a lifetime. Smoking even one cigarette brings about a relapse. The addiction clearly has never gone. Even more: quitting smoking this way may let you fall into another addictive behavior, for instance gaining a huge amount of weight over a few years. Additionally, after quitting this way, a substantially higher risk of depression, burnout and related conditions has been well documented.

In other words, it’s very important to not only quit smoking but also to diminish or get rid of the addiction itself, even if this is still present many years after having quit smoking.

The AURELIS way is non-aggressive. You don’t fight against anything. You only fight for a better life without underlying addiction to nicotine. Additionally, this paves the way to managing other aspects of your life, work and play in this manner. In the end, you are more important and more powerful than any addiction. For this to be realized, you need to make use of all that is inside you, mentally. AURELIS can guide you in this in many ways. You only need to take the first step to letting yourself be guided.

Are you ready?

You find here a Read & Do about Quitting Smoking (AURELIS subscription is needed for this).

A workshop on this topic can also be provided. Please contact us for further information.