Subjects are: open leadership, stress, burnout, quit smoking.

These lectures are brought by Dr. Jean-Luc Mommaerts, MD, MSc, PhD [more]

Most important characteristic: involvement of the mind as well as the heart, with emphasis on positive inner growth and based on modern insights from neurocognitive science. [more]

Lectures can be given worldwide, in English or Dutch.



Open Leadership

"Open Leadership: fostering growth for you and your organization"
Leadership is about climbing the tallest tree in the forest, thereby having an open view on an open future. Since this future is mainly made by people, also needed is an open view on human being according to the latest science in which modern insights into unconscious processing play an important part. In this talk, I show their huge relevance to leadership – whether in one person or dispersed – and guide the audience in two opening exercises with immediate consequences and ubiquitous usability.

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"Transforming negative stress into positive motivation"
Stress is an integrated part of business. It can generally be made into a positive asset by fighting not against difficulties but for reaching goals in a way that intelligently integrates business with personal objectives.

Business = being busy = demands + opportunities, whether in work, life or play. Stress can be everywhere and relevant for everyone, with a positive influence on many aspects of being busy. During this talk, I give a simple exercise that anyone can use to go from negative stress to positive growth and Inner Strength.

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"Burnout is a wake-up call"
Burnout is by nature not the dreadful disease from which you need to be spared or cured by fighting it for a long time – first warning signs, then full burnout – unless you make it so precisely by the fighting.

In this talk, I bring burnout as an opportunity, a winding road towards a future of health, wellbeing and growth. Through a simple yet profound exercise, I invite the audience to enter this road on which the goal = the path = a continuous reaching of one’s own Inner Strength in work, life and play. This road can be entered at any point and is relevant to all.

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Quit Smoking

"Quit Smoking – from inside out"
In this talk, I bring an uncommon way of quitting smoking. This ‘AURELIS’ way is a very friendly one. You are intensely invited, yet never forced to do anything. You keep being completely yourself. You can see the aim as a dissolving process: the energy behind the addiction gets dissolved in you. It hereby changes its aspect completely. The aim is to grow beyond the addiction. This diminishes the disadvantages of a ‘fight against the cigarette.’ Additionally, it brings unexpected advantages. You become a ‘better person.’

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